Gerber Family Foundation, in partnership with SME’s and private individuals, want to put an apple into the hand of 1 000 000 children.

There are many great companies and NPO’s doing a feed a child foundation and ensuring all kids within there communities are getting to have at least one meal per day at school or pre-school.

Along with the education of all children, and the need for a meal, We understand the need for kids to get in a fruit or treat on a daily basis, and through one million apples, we hope to achieve that within a year. CAN WE DO IT? One million apples in one year!

Here’s how it works.

You buy as many apples as you are able, or get it donated to you by a friend or grocer. You take these apples to your local school or pre-school, take a photo of you handing over the apples and send it to Lets fill our pages with apples and keep our kids smiling. 1 000 000 apples in 1 year. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES FOR THIS CHALLENGE?

Please be sure that all deliveries are in a sealed bag and or original packaging, unless donated by a company that has an apple farm and delivers in their branded boxes.