Interior design trends are always changing, bringing new and exciting ideas every year, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s not! Interior design trends for 2024 see a return of some old, classic favourites, as well as some fresh, bold concepts. Keep reading to get the lowdown on what to expect!


Although interior design trends often change, year after year, we are seeing some favourites of 2023 continue into 2024, such as the use of the colour blue and rattan furniture.

New and emerging home decor trends include silver lighting for a retro touch in modern times, bespoke features to increase uniqueness, and irregular-shaped rugs to make a room pop.

Popular furniture trends for 2024 mainly focus around multi-functional and transformational furniture, such as hideaway desks for the WFH life.

10 Interior Design Trends 2024

As we transition from the UK home decor trends of 2023 to those of 2024, let’s explore the top 10 trends that are set to define our living spaces:

  • Blue

Although not a completely new colour trend in home decor, blue has seen its popularity increase during 2023, and it will be even more dominant throughout 2024. Although warm neutral tones will remain popular thanks to their classic nature, blue is the perfect choice to inject some depth and a pop of colour.

From the dusky shades of twilight to the bright morning sky, blue is the chameleon in the colour spectrum, offering versatility and tranquillity and would be a perfect addition to walls, furniture, or decor accessories in 2024.

  • Rattan

Look beyond summer for rattan furniture as this style can work all year round. The natural texture that rattan or cane furniture can provide helps to add a touch of elegance to any space.

This home decor trend really gained traction in 2023, but has definitely continued to rise, and looks set to be a key feature of interior design in 2024. Whether you add subtle touches in small pieces such as a light shade, or go all out with a statement chair or cupboard, rattan is one trend not to miss out on!

  • Silver Lighting

Chrome and silver are poised for a revival in interior design, and lighting is leading the charge. These sleek, modern finishes are tipped to be favourites in the New Year, moving ahead of the brass, matte black, and gold that have been popular for the last few years. The result is a perfect blend of 1970s retro interiors combined with a more contemporary glow-up.

  • Bespoke Features

Custom features are defining the future of interior design, which we will see more of in 2024. It is more common now for homeowners to seek timeless additions that offer charm and singularity to their living spaces. There’s a growing preference for elements like artisanal tiles and specially crafted pieces of furniture, which are becoming increasingly popular choices for those looking to inject personality into their homes.

This inclination towards customisation highlights a broader trend: a significant portion of individuals renovating their homes are opting for custom or semi-custom fixtures, ensuring that each space is as distinctive and personal as their own signature.

  • Multi-Purpose Living Room Furniture

Living rooms are reclaiming their status as the dynamic centre of the home, designed for entertainment and social interaction. Furniture that can accommodate groups comfortably and flexibly is now a top priority, alongside high-quality audio systems and adaptable smart lighting to enhance the atmosphere for various social scenarios.

The modern living room is all about versatility, with multi-functional furniture and open layouts that can shift with the occasion – from family gatherings to dinner parties or casual hangouts. It’s about crafting a space that transitions smoothly to accommodate our social lives in all their forms.

  • Minimal Luxury

Minimal luxury defines the new wave of interior design with its paired back palette, creating spaces that are airy and light yet intimate. This trend prioritises soft textures, subdued shapes, and cool colours, setting the stage for a serene environment where every chosen piece stands out. It’s a modern nod to the sleek minimalism of the past, focusing on what’s essential and embracing a chic, understated elegance.

  • Hideaway Desks

The rise of remote work has ushered in a demand for smart, space-saving solutions in home design. Hideaway desks are a testament to this trend, offering the perfect blend of functionality and design. These desks, cleverly concealed within walls or cabinets, transform from stylish furniture pieces into efficient workspaces.

With built-in storage and power outlets, they’re an ideal choice for those with limited space who seek to maintain a balance between work and leisure. Closing them at the day’s end helps to draw a clear line between professional tasks and personal relaxation.

  • Curved Lines

As we look towards 2024, it’s time to embrace softer shapes in our furniture. Curved sofas and round tables are another of future interior design trends, making our homes feel more welcoming and stylish.

These smooth, rounded edges add a friendly and modern touch to any room. This trend is all about making our spaces more relaxed and cosy, with furniture that’s both comfortable and good-looking. It’s a move away from the sharp lines we’re used to, towards something that feels more natural and easy-going.

  • Textured Furniture

Textured furniture is set to be a standout feature in homes as part of the latest interior design trends, continuing its important role in giving life to interior spaces. With a mix of materials and finishes, these pieces need to be touched and explored, offering an engaging sensory experience.

Whether it’s a sofa with a plush fabric or a wooden table with an obvious grain, texture adds a new layer of interest to a room. It’s about bringing in pieces that not only look good but also feel great to the touch, making spaces more inviting. This focus on texture is about adding richness and depth to our living environments, making them places where every detail is meant to be appreciated.

  • Irregular Shaped Rugs

Irregular-shaped rugs are shaking up the latest home decor trends with their unique and striking look. Moving away from the usual rectangles and circles, these rugs come in uneven, abstract shapes that can make any room pop.

They’re great for adding a lively twist to your floors, making the space feel more dynamic. Perfect for simple, modern rooms, they can become the centrepiece that draws the eye. Or, in a room with lots of different styles, they fit right in, adding to the creative mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colours trending in furniture in 2024?

As previously mentioned, blue is going to be a big trend, with Benjamin Moore naming a shade of this cooling colour as their 2024 pick. We’ve moved on from the home decor colour trends of 2023 where light pinks and purples were key, now mint green hues are expected to have a big presence, whilst Pantone is championing some warming red, orange, and mustard tones.

What colour sofa is in for 2024?

Look out for warm neutrals, such as beige and ivory, as these are completely classic shades. For those really keen to make an impact in 2024 with their home colour decor trends, opt for a bright, bold blue or a sharp green.

A Stylish Summary

As we wrap up our journey through the interior design trends of 2024, we see a future where home decor is not just about style, but also about functionality and personal expression.

From the calming influence of blue to the innovative functionality of hideaway desks, these trends promise to turn our homes into havens of comfort and personality. Whether through the texture of a sofa or the shape of a rug, each element is a step towards a more dynamic and personalised living space. As we adapt our homes to our lives, these trends will help us create spaces that are not just in vogue but also uniquely ours.