Do these statements ring a bell?

  • Now how did this cooler box crack like that?
  • Oh no not another broken latch or hinge
  • I can’t open this lid when the box is tied fast to the vehicle!
  • Don’t throw it so hard or it will break
  • Bring extra ice cause this will not last long
  • I wish I could lock this box!

All of these did not go unnoticed when we chose a design for the Gerber Cooler Box.

We listened to all the campers that needed to keep ice for a long week-end without having to top it up again. To those who preferred to keep the box on their vehicles and needed them to be secure but still have access to the contents. For those complaining that the handles, clips and hinges that simply could not withstand the rugged outdoors. For the outdoor person that can toss the box onto his vehicle without fearing the worst for the cooler box. That fisherman that is tired of buying cooler boxes because the plastic handles keep breaking. The hunter that needs the cooler box to be air tight because when his cooler box does fall over, the contents leaks out, leaving a mess. Or the lid is not air tight allowing warm air into the box. The lid over-extends and breaks at a party, leaving the cooler box in two pieces. For those of you, that like me, has spent thousands of Rand on cheap, poorly made and badly designed coolers.

Keeps Ice Longer

The lid has a complete fridge type gasket seal that ensures that the cold on the inside is kept as long as possible. Ice can hold around a week, dependent on how often it is opened.

The polyurethane insulation that is used is ‘green’ and is ozone friendly. It does not omit harmful CFC’s into the environment. The insulation assists with keeping the contents of the cooler box cold. Both the box and the lid is insulated with the foam.