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Gerber Family Foundation is a non-profit company 

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Education! The single most important thing standing between man and poverty – David Gerber  
The Gerber Family Foundation was founded as a non-profit in 2022 by David Gerber, Lizelle Gerber & Daymen Gerber in the Cape Town, South Africa, to address the systemic deficiencies in the areas of literacy, nutrition and sport for children in all walks of life. One of the greatest contributors to the recurring cycle of poverty is the lack of access to consistent, high quality, early childhood education (ECE) – precisely that most critical of stages in education which has the greatest impact on future human development. Therefore, in 2022 we decided to directly address the issue of recurring poverty at its roots by drafting a plan to visit primary schools in our province to survey and set up a thorough game plan to tackle some of these issues through The Gerber Family Foundation. In the next few months our foundation will provide a critical educational foundation to less fortunate children of no specific race or heritage – girls and boys from the suburbs, farms and shack, even in your communities – giving them the chance of a much brighter future. We invite you to be part of our exciting journey and to help us keep this dream alive. Help us by donating to this cause, find out how you can change the future for a deserving child in South Africa by emailing us at

Our Mission

The Gerber Family Foundation seeks to create leaders and outstanding citizens for the future through excellent educational engagement, enhancing the children’s social, emotional and cognitive development through our unique approach. We look to raise the quality of education in the community in order to develop literate, compassionate, respectful, communicative, imaginative, multi-lingual students who are well prepared to make a positive impact in the future. Using a “whole-child” approach, the teachers begin with the understanding that each child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged to reach their potential. With this as the basis of all we do, we ensure that we will be preparing our children to be broad thinking and confident individuals capable of dealing constructively with the challenges of the future. In committing ourselves to this holistic approach we utilise every moment to the fullest, treating the present as a unique and precious opportunity to build a better future. Become part of the solution. Join The Gerber Family Foundation in making each and every child’s future, a brighter one Follow and like Little Libraries, they need all your help.
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