Gerber Corporation is a group of smaller Companies specialising in various fields, giving you the security of a larger corporation.

We manage the budgets, costs and quality, while you enjoy the end product.

Companies under our umbrella:


Gerber Corporation was born on the need to ensure clients have the security of a large company, with the prices and services of smaller companies. Basically a big brother ensuring their finances are safe, quality is ensured and targets are reached.


Jack Burger, The Better Burger, this small franchise serves up the best, no better burgers through a 3rd party delivery services, while quality and speed is managed by a bigger backing. Starting out in 2023, Jack Burger hopes to grow to 10 outlets in the next 5 years. Keep a look-out for them in your neighbourhood.


Tazmar projects is a story everyone will love. having been employed by David Gerber from the age of 18, Marlon Stuart of Tazmar Projects, started out small, doing odd maintenance for various family and friends. Marlon has grown to working for clients in many affluent areas, like Arabella Estate, Constantia, Camps Bay and so on. Marlon has been in the construction industry for over 15 years, and takes pride in the work he delivers. Along with The help of The Gerber Corporation, we believe Tazmar can grow to become a name mentioned in client circles. Or as our clients lovingly say, “His my Builder ”


David Gerber South Africa, is first and foremost a management company, concentrating on ensuring the finances and time is managed correctly for all it’s clients. Whether we are building your new office, home, Website, Brand, Restaurant or selling you a franchise, Gerber Corporation is there every step of the way.


With the vast knowledge and expertise of John Scott of Apex IT Solutions, we decided to jump on board and create a start-up that offers services to the small guy, the SME’s that don’t really have the finances to build a website or manage it. That’s where we come in, we build you a site according to your budget, no unnecessary frills and doo dads, just want you want at the budget you have. Someones gotta fight for the “little guy” why not us.


While we are all in business to make money, sometimes it’s important to give back, pay it forward. Gerber Family Foundation, was established to assist youngsters to get an education, whether at school, a college or university. With the assistance of many companies and institutions, Gerber Family Foundation aims to give out 10 partial bursaries to those that deserve it, over the next 4 – 5 years of their tertiary education. This target should be reached by 1 January 2024. Let’s all work together to make this happen.


It sounds a little silly doesn’t it. The Stupid Company is a solution in a box. We register your entity, create it’s online presence, build it’s brand identity, all in one box for you to run with. If you are starting a new venture or want to grow on your existing portfolio, send us an email, we’re sure to be able to get you on your way, without breaking the bank.


Gerber Gear is a passion project. We all love the outdoors don’t we. Well with the current prices on camping trailers and caravans, we decided to create a brand that would build a concept trailer for the younger or older couples to get a good nights rest and cook up a storm, without having to pitch a tent or do all the really tedious tasks before they can enjoy the camp site. I hear you saying, But David, that’s the best part. Well nor everyone has the drive to do this, older folks don’t camp anymore as the tents and mattresses are uncomfortable. We are working an affordable mini caravan, that will solve all those problems. Look out for the Gerber Gear name, we will be launching once the trials have been completed.